Chloe K. 'Shoobedoo' Evil (canadianevil) wrote in metaquotes,
Chloe K. 'Shoobedoo' Evil

anadriel ruminates on the civilizations of my floor

Let them propagate. It'll be like playing Spore, without having to wait. Besides. If someone destroyed YOU while you were in the middle of the effing Bronze age, you'd probably open a can o`whoopie-goldberg style whoop ass all over them shits.

So remember that, statistically speaking, there is at least ONE organism in that civilization that has been enlightened and understands the Zen of Whoopassery.

Or, if there is none, you could teach them. And have a gaggle of devoted whoopastians for a while, and then giggle as the Age of Enlightenment hits, and they discover Science, and denounce you. Some of them will, anyway. Others will stay strong in the faith.

But then you'd have a ji`had on your hands.


On your floor.

QWP, from my post here.

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