Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in metaquotes,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Tension Control Technique

(comment by mysterg, on an unidentified locked post, reproduced out-of-context with permission)
Okay, now, do this with me, it's easy.

1. Sit down, and relax your arms, your legs, then your whole body by breathing deeply, and intoning "Ohm" several times.

2. Now, I want you to visualize a babbling brook, with the water gently cascading over the rocks, and the little birdies singing, and the happy, light clouds floating past the beautiful rays of sunshine and making the world seem like a glorious tapestry of light, color, and relaxing sound.

3. Now, I want you to visualize the two most irritating people at your work place, gently take their heads in your hands, and shove them deeply into the babbling brook, intoning "Ohm" again, and relaxing to the sound of their muffled protests, along with the gentle gurgling sound they make.

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