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ninjastlye83 is having an interesting day at work:

Me: *Grumbling to self while reorganizing the sponge wall for the 10th time that night*
Man on cell phone: What type of dryer sheets do you use?...
Because my wife said that when you washed my laundry, my clothes smelled nice...
I told her I got them done at the hotel...
What do you mean there's no hotel anywhere near where I told her I was staying....
Well I hope THAT doesn't come back to bite me in the ass *picks up drier sheets and walks on*
Kid in shopping cart: *sorting through stuff in cart* Grandma, what's this?
Grandma: Hair gel, for Grandma's hair
Kid: My mom has this stuff next to her bed!
Grandma: Oh, I don't think she does
Kid: Uh-huh! I thought it was lotion, so I put some on once! It was all slippery and I had to wash it off!
Grandma: That... was some kind of hair gel

http://community.livejournal.com/customers_suck/16744170.html There's the whole post, you really should go read the rest of it for more of teh funny. QWP.

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