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In a discussion with fmh, sexyscholar theorizes why there's always so much food at the dinners in the Great Hall at Hogwarts:

sexyscholar: Well, they'd have to have a lot of food...Dumbledore is SO a weed fiend.
fmh: Yeah. At the head table, there'd be Doritos and M&Ms and Twinkies and lots of Sprite. And he'd be going, "Kinda dry in here, isn't it?"
sexyscholar: I bet his chambers, he's got the Goblet of Fire. And he's using it as the biggest bong EVER.
fmh: He invented the Goblet of Fire. It was his senior year project. With an endless supply of gange.
sexyscholar: If you take off that little hat, you'll find two joints, a nickel bag and cigarette papers.
fmh: And you know everybody else at the head table is like, "...fuckin' hippie."

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