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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
writer_blocked wrote in metaquotes
tyrannyofpoetry gets a haircut . . .

So, went to get my haircut today. And the sweet, quiet Thai lady at CropShop obviously heard my "can you tidy it up a bit and put in some wax so its a bit spiky" as "I WANT GAY HAIR. GAY. SO VERY GAY. I WANT HAIR SO GAY THAT IT HAS A SERIES OF UNSUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER HAIR BEFORE FINALLY GETTING A CIVIL PARTNERSHIP."

QWP of course :)

Something is up with my flist. That made me post this. And you did first. So now I am the shame.

(Deleted comment)
I started laughing so hard when I read that.
Considering I just read really really bad news...
Consider yourself accomplished.