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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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In which I learn Japanese
[Contemplation] Deep silent complete
jesskat wrote in metaquotes
albylion decides to translate a trippy Japanese Zelda commercial:

"(Subject: ) Japanese Zelda Video Translation

I think I've decoded the lyrics:


Diddle, diddle
Diddle, Dan-o Dan’s sense
Dead ew, dead ew, dead ew, dead ew
Tweetie dead eww

(Good job!) Cone can, oh cone can’t
(Keanu!) Me? More Sunni Die Pants
Eco-ey Day yawn soon an joke show
Go guys, come on go Tokyo Yak Show

Dumb ass goes: “Don’t knock on or make it go boom.”
Munching along, survive Honeycomb!

Excise bitter!
He can’t eat food!

Eco-ey shit, and do sheik n’ shawl
Do boy-o Emo-ey Day Dawa Psych Mojo
Sieg heil Honeycomb Day Dan-o Dan’s sense
Dead ew, dead ew, dead ew, dead ew
(Do it!) Tweetie dead eww

Go, go, go…
(Do it!) Go, go, go…

My… balls…
*Shawing!* "

No context, that was the whole post.

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Am I the only one getting a page with 'YouTube : All Your Videos are Belong to Us' every time I try to view one of these youtube links?

Hmm.. Never seen that happen before. If you truly wish to see the commercial here's the Google Video version


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