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In which I learn Japanese
[Contemplation] Deep silent complete
jesskat wrote in metaquotes
albylion decides to translate a trippy Japanese Zelda commercial:

"(Subject: ) Japanese Zelda Video Translation

I think I've decoded the lyrics:


Diddle, diddle
Diddle, Dan-o Dan’s sense
Dead ew, dead ew, dead ew, dead ew
Tweetie dead eww

(Good job!) Cone can, oh cone can’t
(Keanu!) Me? More Sunni Die Pants
Eco-ey Day yawn soon an joke show
Go guys, come on go Tokyo Yak Show

Dumb ass goes: “Don’t knock on or make it go boom.”
Munching along, survive Honeycomb!

Excise bitter!
He can’t eat food!

Eco-ey shit, and do sheik n’ shawl
Do boy-o Emo-ey Day Dawa Psych Mojo
Sieg heil Honeycomb Day Dan-o Dan’s sense
Dead ew, dead ew, dead ew, dead ew
(Do it!) Tweetie dead eww

Go, go, go…
(Do it!) Go, go, go…

My… balls…
*Shawing!* "

No context, that was the whole post.

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Oh god, I have that commercial downloaded on my harddrive. The translated lyrics just make it even more hilarious XD

Still, it makes more sense than the North American commercial for the original LoZ for the NES (with the curly-haired guy screaming for Zelda in the darkened house).






And for those that had no idea about this commercial and would like to view it so as to promptly administer some brain bleach:
here you go

... whatthefuck?

Oh, the Eighties. >_>;;;

Wooooooow. I need to share this with EVERYONE.

...I now hate you for putting that commercial into my life.

oh god...the..IT BURNS!

Am I the only one getting a page with 'YouTube : All Your Videos are Belong to Us' every time I try to view one of these youtube links?

Hmm.. Never seen that happen before. If you truly wish to see the commercial here's the Google Video version


You should see the "rad" video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ApypJw-JAI

I can't find a good download for the Japanese Zelda thing. Could you point me to where I can download it, or could you email it or yousendit to me? My email is albylion@hotmail.com




That. Is SO. Cool.

Heh, yeah I'd seen that video before too. The rap alone just makes me giggle and shake my head at it :P

I just finished sending it to your e-mail through yousendit, but if in case you didn't get it, here's the link:

...'your parents help you hook it up' is the most random-ass statement ever...

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