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My friend nyanone just took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this weekend. The Ikkyuu level (first level), or hardest of them. Bit long, so I've cut this. Locked post with permission.

this is what a typical grammar question was like:

sentence: kono eizou wa hatashite nanajyuukyuunen kara no sensou jidai o moto ni shite tatta ________ tairikuidousetsu shidai da to iu koto de yamahazaru o enai ni suginai.

1) tsumoru ni wa
2) kara to itte
3) moguki
4) beku de wa arumai

now, if you know any japanese, or if you know a decent amount of japanese and have generally been getting by reading jrock interviews and such, then you're probably staring at this wondering what is this moon language and why does it sound like they came up with it in kana.

basically the entirety of the grammar section was these sentences that looked vaguely like you reeeeally should know what they mean with a hint of someone's-playing-a-cruel-joke-on-all-of-us, but then you had to pick the piece of grammar that strung the whole thing together. inevitably, you would be given one grammar bit that you KNEW but would make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE in that sentence but MAYBE THEY KNEW SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T, one bit that looked very similar to something you knew but a kana or three change probably made the meaning utterly different, one bit that they just HAD to be making up, and then one bit that might as well have been KASEIGO (martian).

so what did you do?

hey, i haven't picked B in a while! XD XD XD XD ..... -_______-

Edited when I realized I forgot the best part....
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