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wishwords on Memorial Day

She's stationed in Iraq right now, and what she posted just makes so much sense. QWP

You would think that on Memorial Day I would have something profound to say. Just... today while you're watching parades or bar-b-queing or protesting the war or whatever, remember that there are real people over here with real families back home. Some of them are really good people. Some of them are assholes. But, they are people and they are far away from home.

Members of the military choose the life that they live. But, honestly, how many 18 - 19 year old children do you know who truly understand the repercussions of their choices. They might have been idealistic when they signed up. They might have been desperate or confused or just thought it seemed like a good way to grow up. No matter how they started out, they are different now. They get caught up in following orders and not thinking and doing what their buddies do. They do stupid things and vicious things. But, sometimes they sit there alone and contemplate. They think about how far they are from home and they realize they don't really understand what's going on anymore. They miss their families and friends. Then they put those thoughts out of their minds and they get up and they go back to their buddies.

When they call home they don't want to hear about politics. They want to hear that you mowed the lawn today and it was hot and the flies drove you nuts but when you were done you had a beer and it tasted sooo good. They want to hear that your three year old has discovered that farts are funny and OMG how they reek. Or the dog does this cutest thing where part of his lip gets caught on it's teeth and it looks like a crooked smile. Or Mom made biscuits and forgot the baking powder but everyone ate them anyway and didn't tell her. Or that you got a flat tire and you were so upset and didn't think you could change it and wished they were there to do it for you but then you did change it yourself and you miss them.

That's pretty much the most important thing. They want to know that you miss them.
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