deadspiders (deadspiders) wrote in metaquotes,

Buying Guy Sebastian's new CD

In two hours, ONE goddamn CD was left and there was a bunch of people crowded around. Well, I swear on Russell Crowes wobbly chin you've never seen me move so fast. Running (ok, kinda waddling really fast) across the room, and using my elbows to get through the milling cloud I snatched that CD of the rack so fast my head almost spun off. And people stared. And I laughed manically and fondled it and called it my precious until a pre-pubescent sales guy came up to me cautiously and asked if I was "going to pay for that".

Mental retort: "No I'm going to stand here and lick it all day and then I'm going to sacrifice a goat to the gods. All right here. In this shop. Get me something pointy bitch!"
What came out of my mouth: "Uh...Ok."

- The incomparable Ms irradiatedsoup
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