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pamphlets for everyone

From linaerys, on House and SGA.

Everytime I watch House I want to hand Wilson a pamphlet entitled "So . . . You're In An Abusive Relationship With Your Best Friend (On Whom You Have A Crush). How To Assert Yourself And Get What You Really Want." That got me thinking how many other people need pamphlets:

For the writers of House I have a couple:

- How Women Are Not The Devil: 5 Ways To Tell The Difference

- So . . . You Want To Write An Acerbic, Edgy Character: How To Make Him Interesting Without Resorting To Racist Stereotypes

For Elizabeth Weir:

- So . . . You're The Governor Of A Colony Under Threat Of Alien Invasion: Doing The Ethical Thing And Winning

- So . . . You Need To Get Laid: How To Put The Moves On That Sexy Alien. Yeah, You Know Who I'm Talking About.

For the SGA writers:

- Consistent Characterization: Just Because It's Sci Fi Doesn't Mean This Can Be Ignored!

- So . . . You're Thinking About Stealing A Plot From Fanfic: Body Swapping For Dummies

- Geeks Are Hot: Knowing Your Audience

- Not Every Civilization Is Westernized: World-Building 101 (Free Trip To India Inside!)

The comment and a little more can be found here.
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