Enthusiastical Methodist (the_methotaku) wrote in metaquotes,
Enthusiastical Methodist

I thought this classic example of scorn deserved a wider audience.

On the subject of the Da Vinci Code film, ladysisphus had this to say:

When I again got hung up on the ridiculous history and my geologist stepfather tried to give me a hard time about it, I tried to put it in terms of thriller predicated on the premise that the earth is hollow, and that everything you've ever been taught in your earth science classes is wrong and that there's a huge conspiracy of geologists to keep you from knowing that the earth is hollow -- and then asked him to take that one seriously. Bonus points for giving Tom Hanks' character some actual reasonable counter-arguments to Teabing's flights of fancy, and for not harping on the sacred feminine any more than absolutely necessary, but I still stand by my assessment that it's Jurassic Park for church historians.

Click here for context.

Eta: Added italics and corrected spelling
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