The rabid fangirl (lishia20) wrote in metaquotes,
The rabid fangirl

Ah, fanficrants...

On fanficrants, a poster makes a point on children stories and their villains, and how said villains would probably kill after the rape. A commenter left this(QWP):

Wouldn't Maury Povich be more likely? He's always having those "who is the father of your baby?" shows.

"Maury, I am not the father! I, Sauron, am too busy trying to get the One Ring to bother with some silly git like this one!"

"Are you willing to take a DNA test to prove that?"

"Ummm, hello, I'm a giant floating eyeball of mystic energy, old boy. I'm rather lacking in the flesh to have DNA."

Context is for the weak.
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