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X-Files fan fiction, anyone?

cynical_terror ponders the deep content of X-Files fan fiction.

And why is there so much bad X Files fan fic out there? I really dislike first person POV in the XF fandom. Probably because I haven't read one done well yet. The fic is always like:

Mulder's POV

Dana doesn't love me. I know it. And I love her. Woe. It'll never happen. Never. We'll never be together. Schmoop.

Scully's POV

I am so horny. I never get any. Except for maybe that time with Ed Jerse. I regret this poorly colored tattoo. Why won't Mulder make babies with me?

Mulder's POV

I am randomly sitting outside Scully's apartment. I've been sitting here for hours. Nope, I'm not creepy at all.

Scully's POV

Mulder's been sitting outside my apartment for HOURS. He must want to make babies.

Mulder's POV

OMG, we're making babies. Wet folds. Heaving bosoms. Turgid member.

Scully's POV

Mulder just groped my ankle and I orgasmed five times.

Mulder's POV

Oh, Dana! I love you!

Scully's POV

Oh, Fox! I wuv u 2, kthxbye. ^_-

Arianne's POV

Oh, for the love of shit.
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