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silvey has some thoughts about her writing roots in fanficrants

Dear 14 year old self, sat there at your keyboard happily writing your first ever fanfiction,

I have some news for you.
1. Rape is not a plot device. It's an atrocious crime.
2. Magical healing sex does not exist, the joys of penis will not overcome a rape.
3. Babies do not make rape better either.
4. The amnesia was just the icing on the cake really.
5. Destiny is NOT a good name for a baby, though it is a magical healing baby so I guess all bets are of...

1. "Whats" needs an apostrophe.
2. Spicies is not a word.
3. Neither is terrian.

There's more, but I'm not doing more then skim reading to find it.

So, self, stop now. Stop. Go away, read some books, get a spell check program, become socially aware, and try again. In approximately 6 years you'll be sorting out your archive and wince upon finding this story. You'll cringe at how bad it is. You'll be ashamed of it.

But, take heart, dear self, you'll get better. You'll write more, you'll read more. You'll learn about life. You'll write more bad stuff, including an atrocious Sailor moon self-insert called Sailor Earth, and maybe a little good stuff to. You'll learn from good writers, you'll come to appreciate what makes a good story and apply it to your own writing. You'll write a lot, you'll do Nano three years in a row and learn so much from it. You'll learn that the characters make the story, you can't just change the characters to fit them into the story. You'll learn to use the spell-check button and where apostrophise are meant to live. You'll realise, one day, that you're not an award winning novelist, you're a kid with a keyboard, but that's not reason not to aim. The most important lesson you'll learn is that there's always room to learn more. No matter how good you think you are, there's some way you could be better.

I know you, self, you're probably ignoring this. Well, you're probably in tears and you'll go up and sulk for a while. In fact, you're probably being a regular fanbrat, working yourself up into a storm about how nobody understand you. You might even tear it down and bin it like you did with that one X-files fanfiction...don't worry, you'll grow out of your bratishness too.

Your 20 year old self

Context? What context?
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