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It's time for another apocalypsos quote...

"Oh, good holy Jesus in bikini briefs and fishnet stockings, Hildi's actually going to put fucking feathers on the wall. I was living on the delusion that maybe she was just trying to spook more people into watching, but alas.

"I can't watch. This is like The Exorcist of home improvement shows. First hay, then fake flowers, now feathers?! If I tune in next time only to find she's stapling dismembered kittens to the wall, I'm calling the proper authorities to have her locked up in a mental institution.

"Or at least to have her goddamn weekend furlough privileges revoked so she can't do this show anymore.

*cowers under the couch*


Current Mood: the designer's eating my brain
Current Music: a children's choir mourning Big Bird's untimely demise"

--apocalypsos on the latest episode of "Trading Spaces"
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