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Expect brilliance when you combine Tviokh and mock_the_stupid...

mylaptopisevil and tviokh here.

mylaptopisevil: The one thing I don't get is why it is okay to eat plant life but eating "OMG ANIMAL LIFE!!!1!!1!oneone!1!11!" is so wrong.
Tomatos have feelings too, you bastards!

tviokh: That actually is valid logic though; why is it NOT okay to kill cute fuzzies for food, but it IS okay to decimate plant life for the same thing?
Life is life is life, and no matter what you eat, you're killing something else to feed yourself.

Don't even get me started on the mass slaughter of insects via motorized vehicles, exterminators, fly swatters and shoes...seriously, what makes them less deserving of life than, say, a cow pig or chicken?

Dammit, just sit naked in a room and don't do anything.
Good god, even if you die, your death will bring about the death of all sorts of beneficial bacteria that lives inside of you!

Long story short: You're going to kill something no matter how you live so just fucking deal with it.

Note for those who might miss it: I don't really believe what I just spouted above, but using their logic...WTF?
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