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Long time viewer. First time poster.

thenintengenius shows us all that anime is indeed an emotional force to be reconed with.

thenintengenius: Also, love the jab at the end about this being like "some kiddy cartoony western comic" as we all know that Japan is the sole bastion of serious comics about serious things for serious people.

jeffreyatw: But... but people DIE in Japanese media... with BLOOD! That's pretty mature and serious.

thenintengenius: Japanese cartoons have truly taught me how serious the world can be. For example, every time I hear that Racer X is indeed Speed Racer's brother, no matter how many times per episode, a single tear rolls from my eye from the realization that he, Racer X, can never see his brother, Speed Racer, again for he, Racer X, must go it alone and carve out his own path as Racer X (secret brother of Speed Racer).

Full story here.
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