That Girl (magwana) wrote in metaquotes,
That Girl

Give the girl some sympathy, please...

From a friends-only entry by adamant_turtle, posted with permission, about her first day as a substitute teacher.

You know, I had this fuzzy idea that first grade would be the easiest, kindest age group to ease myself into the world of teaching, which is why I accepted this as my first assignment. Silly me. Obviously, an entire summer working at Camp Courant should've told me otherwise. I am really not a patient person to begin with, and today would have tried the patience mother. (RL friends, you can back me on this!)


Another little girl kept coming up to me to complain whenever she thought it was too loud.

"I can't work under these conditions!" she whined. What is this, Center Stage? Sit your ass down, prima donna, and get over it.

few minutes later, she's back up. "Ms. M, I think we need to have Mrs. P. back in here. We've had other subs, and they did a really good job."

I'm only paid til 3:35, honey...after that, I really can't assure anyone of your physical safety...
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