Silver Adept (silveradept) wrote in metaquotes,
Silver Adept

And now, for the First Negative Rebuttal...

kaura_nighthawk has an epiphany about the state of the nation: (Entire post, quoted with permission even though it is a public entry)

"I've got it! I've got it! I've finally figured out why I hate George W. Bush and the Neoconservative movement so bloody much!

They remind me of every hack, two-bit high school competitive policy debater in existence!

Hell, they remind me of me during the first three months of my gig in that activity. -_-;

See, it's so very bloody obvious that everything they say is directed more towards the goal of winning than actually, yanno, making a good policy! They're aggressively competitive, and everything in me says that, though it's certainly effective in winning seats in Congress, that's not how you run a government!

Treating politics like a massive debate tournament's got to be the stupidest way to approach it- EVER- and it's exactly how they're doing it!

Whew. And I was beginning to think that my vendetta against them was unfounded. >_>"
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