La Femme Crayola (annlarimer) wrote in metaquotes,
La Femme Crayola

If I had a nickle for every time I've stuffed Holy Blood, Holy Grail or whatever it's called in my bag instead of my britlit textbook, I'd be able to pay off tuition next year with the ensuant funds.

Imagine my suprise when I go to read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and I instead find a paragraph stating that Jesus's grandbabies are ruling France, or something. OR that Simon was crucified instead of Jesus, and Jesus is all "SUCKS TO BE YOU, ROMANS! KISS MY PROPAGATING ASS!"

Oh man, I am the worst Christian ever. It'll be the second coming, and Jesus will find the book by my bed, and he'll be all, "Anne, what is THIS?" and I'll be like "It's hilarious! Please don't zap me." but no matter what I say we both know that I'm as good as zapped.

--from the journal of spinooti.
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