Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle (consortofvenus) wrote in metaquotes,
Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle

I was feeling down. Said something in a friends locked entry to the effect of not knowing what I want anymore. My friend alex_antonin who always knows how to cheer me up responds with...

*In a mock Asian accent worthy of Dat Phan* You want nice Vietnamese girl. Small, compact, fit nicely under bed between unused Stairmaster and dusty Thighmaster. Better than Thighmaster, she be master of your thighs. Give you more head than twenty cannibal tribe in Papua New Guinea. Don't delay, act now! Fitty dolla make you holla!


Also, bleedingcherub expresses her rage at Ken Blackwell:
Dear Ken Blackwell, OH Governor candidate:
I saw your ad on TV about courageously "defending marriage" and singlehandedly getting the Marriage Amendment passed in OH. What's so courageous about siding with majority values? Unlike some, you're obviously not in danger of, say, ridicule and violence voicing your beliefs. And what the hell is with the red-tinted warning-like screen and accusatory voice discussing your opponent "siding with liberals for same-sex marriage," then showing a male-male couple on a park bench within the red tint as though they were burning in the fires of Hell? Were they feeding birds on your turf or something? WHAT IS SO BRAVE ABOUT "DEFENDING" OHIO FROM A HAPPY COUPLE AT THE PARK?

Context. QWP.
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