Daniel (kimpire) wrote in metaquotes,

roseball is trying to get a company to design her kitchen:
Me: can I get an appointment for Monday?
Her: sure, in the morning or afternoon?
Me: afternoon is better.
Her: no, we can't do the afternoon.
Me: Alright, what about Sunday?
Her: How is 4 o'clock on the Monday?
Me: In the afternoon?
Her: Yes.
Me: That's great. So 4 o'clock on Monday. With who?
Her: No. We don't have anyone for 4 o'clock on  Monday.
Me: Alright. Then what about on Sunday?
Her: Esti can do it at 5:30.
Me: Is there anything earlier?
Her: No
Me: Alright, then 5:30 on Sunday.
Her: Do you want 2:00 on Sunday?
Me: Yes, that's much better. Who is it with?
Her: Who is what with?
Me: The appointment on Sunday for 2:00.
Her: We don't have anyone for Sunday at 2:00.
Me: You just said...alright, when can I get an appointment on Sunday or Monday in the afternoon?
Her: Sunday at 2:00 with Esti.
Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yes.
Me: Okay, so Sunday, 2:00 with Esti.
Her: Yes.

She spoke fluent Hebrew and English. I'm so confused if I should even show up on Sunday at 2:00.
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