Mat Bowles (matgb) wrote in metaquotes,
Mat Bowles

A strange proposal?

freddiefraggles is doing one of those "5 questions quiz me" memes. She gets the following from mapp, her boyfriend.
From Mark:
1) Who else should be added to The List, and why?
Um... I don't know... These sorts of things are only decided while watching television or seeing a picture or suchlike.

2) Will you go to the vets with me tomorrow?
Of course! (I already said I would!)

3) It's the year 3000. Your cruel robot overlords have decided to give you a day off from hard labour. What do you do with your free time?
Sleep in till 10ish, get up, have some breakfast, go for a walk on the beach, read a book while lying on a towel on the beach, then go home, shower, have some lunch and things, and then pick you up from the Circus and go out for dinner somewhere nice.

4) Surprise! Will you marry me?
Yes. A hundred thousand times yes.

(Should I be worried that you asked me on Livejournal?)

5) What's better? Cif or Cillit Bang?
Cillit Bang, clearly.
It also happens to be mapp's birthday today. Go say hello?

And if someone could play cupid for me half as well as I managed for these two...

Edit:Sorry, link added, oops!
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