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Gluppit the prawling strangles, there

Why you should always be careful about password security

eye_of_a_cat, now a sober, respectable postgrad doing a PhD in Victorian ghost stories, turns out to have had a misspent youth:

My secondary school got new computers when I was 17, and told us all repeatedly and loudly how important it was that we changed our passwords from the default 'Password' (because Anyone Could Break Into Your Account If You Don't). We thought this was a bit of an overreaction (the computers had no internet connections, people didn't really keep anything on them), but also thought it was unlikely anyone would leave theirs as 'Password' after the third week of warnings. One of my friends bet me he could find ten people who had. Because of the way the account usernames worked, it was very easy to try the default password with random accounts, and indeed, at least ten people had left theirs unchanged.

We thought it would be, um, performing a public service to remind them to change their passwords. And that this reminder could take the form of a saved Word document titled 'READ ME NOW LITTLE PERSON' that was typed in 72-point font. And that it would be kind of boring to sign off as 'Another pupil'. So we invented a group of noncorporeal entities from another dimension that were caught up in the school's system by an evil spell cast by an intergalactic bandit masquerading as the music teacher, gave ourselves names, and left messages explaining who we were.

This was addictive...
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