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brooklinegirl is feeling under the weather...
It's things like that that lead me to call Kev to whinge at him, like last night, and he is all, "well, do you have white spots on the back of your throat?" and I'm all, "okay, I can't tell, because I don't have a flashlight," and - seriously - he goes, "Well, what do you have that lights up - oh, I KNOW! Your ipod!"

"You want me to stick my ipod in my mouth to look at the back of my throat?"

Kev: "Yes!"

Me: "…how do you get the backlight to stay on?"

And then he stayed on the phone with me as I - yes - stuck my ipod in my mouth, and then said to him, "This is seriously the most ridiculous thing I've ever done in my life," and he says, "Look again!" and I say, "You are just trying to see how many times you can get me to stick my ipod in my mouth," and he says, "Well, yes," and people, my life is JUST THIS HARD.)

She also discusses the newly released The Sentinel season one DVDs.

(...I am whole-heartedly of the notion that Blair Sandburg is UTTERLY bisexual. Actually, I am of the notion that Blair Sandburg would fuck a fish if he could hold his breath long enough. ♥ I mean that in the nicest possible way!)
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