Royce Day (jeriendhal) wrote in metaquotes,
Royce Day

"Chances" - Quality Australian Television

In the space of an hour or two, I have seen countless scenes unfold, none of which seems to have even the slightest logical connection to events on either side. I have heard line deliveries which a fan video director would have to reshoot. I've seen a naked man eating breakfast behind a strategically placed box of Froot Loops. I've seen an inscrutable Chinese Triad boss feeding his puppet Venus flytrap. I've watched a conspiracy to steal Eva Braun's necklace, which causes the wearer to be possessed by a sex-crazed ancient goddess of some description. I have heard dialogue scenes which would leave Pip and Jane Baker scratching their heads. It's full-frontal Passions with a lobotomy, and I still have no idea what in hell was going on.

I think I've become one with the batshit.

-jblum upon viewing a "Best of..." tape of a classic Oz soap opera.

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