Abigail (ladypimpernel) wrote in metaquotes,

Don't tell anyone...?

jqsilver has possibly stumbled on a computer science conspiracy...

This morning, while working on a programming assignment, I sent the following e-mail. I believe it is self-explanatory:

I know you said we're not allowed to use the stl heap or queue, but whatabout the stl map? It's more efficient for holding letter-code pairsthan an array, and there aren't any algorithms involved in making one. -Andy

"stl" stands for standard library. Later today, I received this reply:


Please stop by tomorrow during office hours and
we can talk about this then. In the meantime, please
do not bring this up in class before then.


This brings images to mind, of our ensuing conversation:

me: You wanted to see me? About the stl map?
prof: How did you find out about that? Have you told anyone else?
me: Well, maybe. I dunno. They're in Perl as a specific type, only they're called hashes.
prof: Look, just, just don't tell anyone else, okay? I'm going to make some calls. Do you have a cell phone?

or possibly:

prof: Now, Andy, you're a good student, so I'm not surprised. I'm glad you asked me before trying something like this. You understand that maps are a dangerous business, I'm sure. You might think you can handle them, but lemme tell you, once you start down that path, it's a slippery slope.

Original post here, but that's pretty much the whole thing. QWP.
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