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This just in: Kittens have reason to live

So. I found a new use for my kitten!

I needed something out of the freezer in the furnace room. But, shock and horror, some bastard spider had spun a web from the ceiling to the floor in front of the freezer. And on top of that, was currently walking along the web around eye height with me.

Now, I'm a total wuss when it comes to spiders. Major wuss. As I write this, I'm having the skin-crawlies from just seeing the damn thing.

So I did the logical thing.

I grabbed my kitten and swiped her through the web until enough of it was gone that I could walk through without touching it. As I left with my stuff, she was on the floor happily purring and eating the spider.

So. In conclusion...

Kittens: Many Uses.

- crantz (QWP and all that)
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