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The lovely third_requiem writes in her livejournal about how her Playstation addiction has destroyed a long term relationship. Funny! LJ-cut, and permission granted from the user!

My true love, the only love that I ever considered having forever because he is just that awesome and sweet and kind, has been replaced.

I don't know how it happened; I suppose it was because I didn't remain faithful to him. Instead I found fun with other game systems and left him behind. But can I truly be blamed for desiring more than three games to play? For wanting the next best thing in gaming and being included in the joy that others have?

So it happened, I cheated.

Yes! I admit it. I'm not proud of it, not by a long shot, but it was something that had to be done.

It started off as flirting, really. I would...take a hit from a friend's system. It was enough at first. I didn't desire more. But gradually, I subcommed. The graphics, the storylines, the music...the ability to play DVDs.

I was done it. But I thought I could remain true no matter how far I strayed. It wasn't as if the other games had what he did; they were simply flirts, little floosies that I would wine and dine and then toss away before the night was over because they weren't substantial.

I was, of course, wrong.

I wasn't impressed at first. Squenix and Disney? How could that be any good?

But it was. It was so good that I needed more. Simply playing from a friend's system wasn't enough anymore. ..I needed my own. I needed to be able to play whenever I wanted, feeding my cravings night and day for hours at a time.

But he was so young! He didn't have the history that my love did. Or so I thought. The crush quickly developed into something more serious as I watched him grow up, fighting his own demons and battling his friends. He won my heart with goofy antics and a hot ass.

So tonight, I must do the unthinkable and...replace Link as my one true love.

Link, my darling, it was good while it lasted. But let's face it, Nintendo can't compare to PlayStation. While I desire you, want to play you and share in your adventures, PlayStation offers me Final Fantasies with not one but at least 5 main male characters to oogle. Not only that, but there's Kingdom Hearts with Axel and Seifer and Cloud and Leon and Roxas and Riku and Sora. Sora who has replaced you as my true love because he is one hot piece of ass.

I'm sorry it had to come to this, Link. But you just can't compare to Sora anymore.

But if I may ask a favor? Please wait for me? It's been rumored that Sora's story is over while your's continues. If I ever have the money and time, I will invest in our relationship and getting us back to the place we were when there was only Nintendo and SuperNintendo in my life.

Adieu, Link. You will never be forgotten.

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