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Then when I was seven, at least I think I was seven, I might have been eight, wait, it was in june..

trpchakai has a bit of friendly advice for people callling 800 numbers.

When you call any sort of 1-800 number to speak with somebody involved in customer service or online booking all they want to do is accomplish your goal in a friendly, easy, rapid manner.

They do not want to hear about your house, your town, the police chases in your town, your friends, your phone, your other phone, your computer, your internet service, your moving plans, your friend's moving plans, the reasoning behind your moving plans, your family, your family's names, your inability to remember names, your inability to remember faces, your talent for remembering numbers, your brother's birthday, events that have taken place on your brother's birthday, your friend's flight plans, your opinion of hotels, what your neighbor said the other day, or how loud she listens to the radio. Every time the agent you're talking to says, "Is that all I can do for you tonight?" they're asking you to hang up. Not inviting you to continue on your life story.

Friends-locked, QWP.

[end transmission]
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