Eris' Favourite plaything (rhiannon_s) wrote in metaquotes,
Eris' Favourite plaything

Horticulture in Northern England

In this post n00mel
sets out to liven up the nations fruit options!

Rowan and I invented new fruits last night. There's Wizberry, which is like a raspberry but much more aerodynamic, with go-faster stripes; Furious Lemon, which is identical in look, taste, and smell to an ordinary lemon, but is deadly; Applplplplple, which is a recursive apple designed for use in high-volume food situations, like conferences; the Plap, which is the seed you eat that produces Applplplplples in your stool (very long toilets are given to those who volunteer to produce the fruit); and the Model T Pineapple, which has no flavour unless you crank the handle (but don't crank it too much!).
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