Greg Hyatt (chiefseamonkey) wrote in metaquotes,
Greg Hyatt

Added context from an IM with poorheather last night.

poorheather: Oh never mind.
poorheather: Gods.
chiefseamonkey: What?
poorheather: Nothing.
poorheather: Just tired and crotchety
chiefseamonkey: You're always crotchety.
poorheather: Oh hardly.
poorheather: Kids these days...
chiefseamonkey: Twat.
poorheather: I
poorheather: am NOT a twat.
poorheather: Love you, you know.
chiefseamonkey: Yeah. Sure.
poorheather: Oh, stop.
poorheather: You know how I feel about you.
chiefseamonkey: Yeah.
poorheather: Oh, Christ, is this about me not finishing the sentence with the word "anal" again?
chiefseamonkey: ...No.
poorheather: lol
poorheather: Dude, that has to be one of the best random one liners there is.
chiefseamonkey: Metaquotes!
poorheather: hee
poorheather: I *do* love you.
poorheather: Even though you're acting like a twatty dickhead.
poorheather: Twatty McDickelstein.
poorheather: Okay, I've got nothing.

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