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An update on Orly

Cut for length, from siln:

Alright, alright, so it's not all as funny as the original premise, but i like my job and I'd like to keep it. I only posted Friday's events because it would amuse a few friends... didn't realize I'd be linked all over O_O Here we go anyway, though!

8:34am - First poster (the "He loves you" one) goes up in break room when no one is looking.

9:29 - Asked by non-caucasian co-worker if I think it would be fun to name owl "Whitey", and then act incensed over racial intollerance of management, and demand a darker night-owl be added as second mascot. Explained patiently that I am in enough trouble as it is.

10:45 - Break time. Co-worker asks where name "Orly" came from. Fortunately, was better prepared this time to answer that he was my pet budgee, given to me by Native-Canadian friend of the family. Explained that Orly is a sacred name to the Nowai (no-WAH-ee) tribe, meaning "the light of wisdom". I DID eventually reveal to her what was really going on in the end, because she was seeming a bit suspicious, and I'd rather she know that I was joking than think that I was outright lying. I guess I can only keep a straight face for so long.

11:02 - Next-Cubicle Neighbor Co-worker just printed out "Organizing our Responsibility to Learn Year-round" and taped it to break room wall. Looks good next to "I am the Difference" inspirational pamphlet.

12:30 - Lunch. Only notable because I sat next to five strangers who, individually are probably harmless civilians, but, by their powars combined, unite to form the mighty Dumbass Voltron. Dumbass Voltron is like the original Voltron, except no one can agree who forms the head, so all you're left with is five assholes.

1:08 - Non-caucasian co-worker informs me that at least 5 other co-workers are Orly supporters, all of whom are net-savvy enough to have at least seen the original owl picture. Have apparently named selves "The Orlyans". Have, thankfully, not informed management of this new development.

1:20 - Next-Cubicle Neighbor Co-worker jokingly founds rival sect, "The New Orlyans". Points of disagreement include whether or not Ceiling Cat is watching you vote, whether Orly owns a Roflcopter or not, and if GMan really wants you to have a wonderful time. (reference: countless internet fads)

1:29 - New Orlyans disband, citing lack of interest, poor weather.

2:30 - Break time. Co-worker who was out of town last week recognizes campaign poster and nearly blows our cover in front of un-initiated co-workers. Is taken aside and indoctinated, now wants to know if I'm going to make pins. Am surrounded by closet net-heads.

2:37 - Took "Help Wanted" ads from today's paper and stuffed in jacket pocket, just in case.

3:30ish - Chuck Norris poster goes up. Haven't heard anything from Yarly supporters all day, so see no reason to go negative on him. Remainder of day passes without incident.

4:30 - Quittin' time. On way home, earth conspicuously fails to open beneath me and swallow me whole. Feel strangely vindicated by this.

QWP, http://siln.livejournal.com/236678.html

ETA: A link to the posters referenced in the above post: http://siln.livejournal.com/236469.html#cutid1
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