Start from scratch. It was never real. (sevenpapermen) wrote in metaquotes,
Start from scratch. It was never real.

In "It's all in the family: The Elweans and Ingweans" (an article on Elven genealogy) I found the following: "in Unfinished Tales Christopher Tolkien mentions "Thingol's brother Elmo -- a shadowy figure about whom nothing is told save that he was the younger brother of Elwe (Thingol) and Olwe"

... Elmo the shadowy elf?
stelpa (The first couple of comments are worth it, too.)

if i ever get married i want it to be like a child's ideal birthday party, balloons, zoo animals, magicians and birthday cake. so if i don't end up dying alone, consider yourself invited. dreamallday (Best journal EVER for such quotes.)

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