Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

Someone, ANYONE, wanna loan me thirty bucks for a new cd player? My boombox is officially dead. *sniffles and has a funeral for it*

- kituralb in this entry; the comments are worth reading

From kiakaha's journal...

kiakaha : omg my gynecologist is on tv right now. i wonder if she'll give me a shout out.

it's the weirdest feeling.

next time shes down there i'll have to ask her for her autograph.

"To ina: a really great girl, i mean huge, love, dr. junger."

wild_magnolia : Why is she on tv? Did she mention your poon? That would be so awesome.

kiakaha : apparently she was the guest doctor on the local news at noon. like "we have obgyn dr junger here taking your calls...caller one you're on the air... "

and the answer is invariably, make an appt with your doctor!

she did not give my poon a shout out. :t

can u imagine tho? "I'd like to give a shout out to all my favorite punanis out there... muffy, patch, big swirley jo, and the ever popular miss ina's cooch...big ups y'all!"
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