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Hmmm, looks like a feline theme...

Miao was this scary sempai-your-ass guy who looked at me like he was wondering if I would fit into a random air vent or did he have to break my legs first. At least that *was* my first impression of him, and it didn't help that MM and Krimi (whom I'd also just met) kept telling me weird stories about how I shouldn't ever ask Miao his real name because he *would* shove me into the goddamn vent but not without feeding me to a meat grinder first, that's how much he hates his real name.

-- team7 -- read the entire saga of Catboy Bruno Bruno And The Case Of Mistaken Plagiarism here!

My lord. More icon space. It's a heady feeling, like a cat must feel upon being released from a carrier cage. Wow!

-- hisgreyeyes, upon being given a paid account

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