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My brother the surrealist

From an AIM conversation on tree decoration I had with my (insane) sibling:

Me: Dad and I are going to do tree and lights Friday. You guys getting a tree?

Brother: we already have one

Me: cool

Brother: it's super sweet\

Brother: I put the lights on it monday

Brother: and made a paper angel with detatchable head

Me: I look forward to seeing it, thn

Me: why detachable?

Brother: for easy cleaning

Me: ...?

Me: and why does the angel head need to be cleaned?

Me: ::dare I ask::

Brother: not so much the head, more the neck

Me: this just keeps getting better and better

Me: the angel's neck gets dirty from time to time?

Brother: we try to clean it once a day

Brother: at least that's what the doctor recommends

Brother: but you know, it's like flossing

Me: good grief

Me: you know, you slip into "surreal" very smoothly

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