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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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blainemuffin describes Alan Rickman's casting in the Potter movies:
hp; slytherin - eyebrows
slyfoxesq wrote in metaquotes
"You know, I was thinking (always a bad sign). Lots of people draw bishie!Snape. And then the book purists come along and get all bitchy because he's 'supposed to be ugly' or whatever. Well they can suck it, because if JK wanted Snape to be ugly she should never have allowed hot manfleshAlan Rickman to be cast. Even if he wasn't so physically appealing, he has The Voice. You know how some opera singers can shatter glass? Alan Rickman can shatter underpants."

F-locked, QWP.

Though, honestly, I think Alan Rickman pulls off ugly exceedingly well...too well, maybe.

He pulls off ugly in a very easy to look at way.

Oh god, truest thing EVER.

(Deleted comment)
WORD. Also, as long as he's sans goteé, I think he's great. Alan!Snape or fan!Snape. Just... no facial hair, kthxbye.

...beard!Snape would make me think of Vetinari, and then I'd be annoyed that he didn't measure up to the level of deviousness necessary. (not that he isn't devious, but, really, you can't beat Havelock for that.)

Amen to that ...
I think the ten year olds next to me when I first went to watch a HP film thought I was insane when I sighed every time AR spoke. But that's when I close my eyes, I still think his acting is pretty good to watch 'cause the character of Snape is meant to full of hatred and I think he brought that aspect across damn well.


Clearly they have never seen Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility, wherein he played Colonel Brandon. Hugh who?

I think the first thing I saw him in was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and he was one of the few things that made that movie watchable (the other two were Morgan Freeman and Michael Wincott, who also have beautiful voices—well, Wincott always sounds like he washed down his gravel with moonshine, but there's something dead sexy about his voice).

Anyway, a friend of mine who can only recall ever seeing him as Snape doesn't quite understand my reaction to him. I need to show her Sense and Sensibility sometime. Then she'll understand.

(Deleted comment)
Ahahaha! Oh man, so true.

AMEN to that! [giggle] [drool]

(Deleted comment)
If read it to a roomful of women, there wouldn't be a dry seat in the house. That man is sex on a stick.

(Deleted comment)
What the hell is bishie?

My keyboard almost got a bath just now.

I was thinking along the same lines though yesterday and this morning. I'm a Snape fan now after everything and I'm wondering if it's really the character or the fact that now I always imagine him as Alan Rickman. I continue to picture lots of other characters as I did before the movies, but it's just a nice little treat to imagine AR in that position. Can one man's personal hotness induce genuine feelings of pity, empathy, and even loving support for a character so blatently evil? I think so.

Hot damn he's one of the best looking old guys around.

My friend once linked me to this site where he read one of Shakespeare's love sonnets. I nearly fainted :)

I first really got in to him when he was in Dogma, but when I heard he was cast as Snape, well, that just sold me.

Plus? Even if he's described as being ugly in the books, Mary GrandPre's little chapter pictures don't seem that ugly to me.

So of course I had to look that up. *changes pants*

(Deleted comment)
I feel bad for not finding the Rickman very sexy, but replace Alan with Hugo Weaving and we have a drooling yours truly.

Mmmmmm, yep. This makes my icon doubly appropriate. XD

zomg. You should label that icon as NSFW.

While I'm not a fan of bishie Snape, I'm not one of the purists who hate the idea, because Rickman certainly does shatter my underpants in so, so many ways.