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Neil does it again.

officialgaiman on book collection envy and waking up crusty:

To tell the truth, I've always rather enjoyed waking up, crustily or otherwise, and seeing a book collection far better than mine. Whenever I've been lucky enough over the years to stay at John and Judith Clute's place in Camden, it's a magnificent feeling to wake up, remove the encrusted spittle, and see a book collection far better than mine, and know that that's just some bit of the book overflow that happened to creep into their spare room; I knew (as all book people know) that somewhere under Camden Town there are strange cellar-like rooms too low for full-sized men to walk through with their heads unbowed, filled with shelves and more shelves and only with shelves, and on those shelves is stored John Clute's Oh My God You have That I Thought It Was Only A Legend And It's a Signed First Edition God Almighty John Real Book Collection (as opposed to the book collection in his house, which is merely unimaginably impressive).

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