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[ttgl] yoko - by the sword
neon_geisha wrote in metaquotes
arisato reviews Katamari Damacy.

"Definitely the most fun I've had rolling shit since I discovered marijuana."

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I find that your icon goes very well with the quote. *pets everyone's favorite eccentric salesman hippie*

My god, I need to go make a Urahara icon... *fangirls both icons*

Actually, Kenpachi is much more fun, but it's hard to figure out a way to get his batshit insane-ness to come through in icon form.

(Deleted comment)
Ahhh Katamari...the only game i own that makes me forget to blink...

LMAO That is spot on!!!!! :D

I'm not addicted...oh, wait a minute. Yes, I am.

It's definitely a Katamari thing, cause I mentioned that to another friend of mine who plays and he was like, "Oh my god, you do that, too?!"

I can't say that I'm addicted, cause I haven't played in quite a while, but I still get the cravings every once in a while :P

Coincidentally, not unlike what the programmers were thinking when they made the original. Then they decided shrooms worked better.

Oh, I have to totally agree with that! :)


i love that game... doesn't the whole "i feel it: i feel the cosmos" bit remind you of HAL in 2001:a space oddessy?

Katamari Damacy and the sequel We Love Katamari are seriously the best video games ever invented.

There's a third game, too, for the PSP...Me & My Katamari.

That about sums up the game, too.

Random shoutings of "ROYAL RAINBOW" used to happen in the halls in school. (Damn, where is my Katamari icon?)

I can't play Katamari. Not since I went through Tetris Rehab back in '90. They say part of me is gone forever.

Katamari = ♥. I'm still finishing up We Love Katamari...

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