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theferrett has found out what is wrong with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and more specifically videogames that are a wee too realistic in art, but not so much in execution.

So you follow him to the bar where he goes after work... And he sits down for two hours, during which you have to wait and watch him do nothing. You talk to him, but he has three things to say and he's said them all. The bartender also has three things to say, none of which change, so you get bored. You start dancing around the room, doing ballet jumps off the staircase to try to crank Athletics score up a few notches while you're waiting. Nobody notices anything unusual about the fruit boinging about the room like a hyperactive pogo stick, so you jump up on the bar between your target and the bartender and start kicking bottles off the table, stomping on the tray of ham, doing a merry Riverdance and scattering mugs and glassware all over the floor. Not a man notices nor cares. In fact, the NPCs carry on conversations about local gossip while you're Keith Mooning the room to flinders, which is somehow insulting; the people here are talking about the spate of local burglaries as if it's of high importance, but your gorilla-style poo-flinging antics aren't worthy of comment.

I strongly recommend the entire post, which possibly broke my body. Here, QWP.

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