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Of Roman architecture and angst...

After grappling with an essay assignment,neorxna_wong,lets off a little steam...

I hate my life.

And I hate Domitian, attic-adding cunt.

And Vespasian, Colosseum-building cunt.

And Titus, for being related to them. And for building that cunting arch.

And Rabirius, for being the most likely candidate for Colosseum's architect.

And Nero, for dying. If cunt hadn't died, no one would've thought to get rid of Domus Aurea and build that piece of shit structure, Flavian Amphitheatre.

Dear Flavia Amphitheatre,
I hate you. I wish a leopard jumped during one of your performances over the marble wall, on the platford located on south side of the minor axis, and eaten the Emperor, so then they'd blame Colosseum for all of that and the shit structure would be pullled down. Or not, and just had a leopard bbq.

If there wasn't so much shit published on you my essay wouldn't have been a week late.

God I need more coffee.

I hate you all. All of you, Flavians. You're number one on my shit list after Gerry Shaus and Cherie Blair (ugly cunt).

ps. I hate Trajan, too, someone should stick that column up his ass.

Having said all that, I decided to go back into doing Classics. New Degree: combHBA in Classical Studies and Geography.

Pss. Love Mr Bibs.

QWP,of course...

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