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In a public post about people deleting posts and show dogs when you are poor..


herooftenfailed said

I will rehash drama for you.

riverheart posts useful information about co-owning show dogs, which affords people who are interested in having/showing show dogs but can't the high costs themselves the luxury of doing so.

Bitchfest commences. SHOW DOGS? OMGZ OH NOES! We's po' folks, we's barely got roofs over our heads, people who want dogs SHOULD go to the pound blah blah. SHOW DOGS? OMGZ OH NOES! Exploitation! Blah Blah blah! Think of the childruns puppaaaaaaahs, the poor puppaaaaaahs! And breeders are evil! And selling puppaaaahs! Exploiting puppaaaahs!

And then I stopped to put on a puppet show. So I probably missed stuff. But for the sake of good drama, I will say that Pamela Anderson showed up, doused in chicken guts and there was a mini-PETA protest, complete with a sing along about how show dogs are evil, and how breeders should be slaughtered. And there were pirates. And a fire-eating midget. And free smoothies for all. Until a fight broke out and women were wrestling in mud with the aforementioned pirates. And then the post disappeared.

The end.

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