Jess Knoch (jessknoch) wrote in metaquotes,
Jess Knoch

You? You're a 10

lpsmith rates people with a kind heart and an open mind:
So yes, older lady with bad hair, you are a 10. Young woman with a 1-year-old, has the father gone missing? What a jerk. You are a 10, and deserve better. Fabulously gorgeous woman wearing not much, everyone knows you are a 10, but I, too, will tell you that you are a 10. Perhaps you know this already, and perhaps you do not believe it yet, but I will say it once more. Pierced-eyebrow lady, that probably hurt. You seek to be unique. You are a 10. Teen-aged girl whose only picture of yourself you could find was of you with your more-attractive friend, you too are a 10. Creative woman with a nice collage of you in different poses, you are a 10.

You too can bring a bit of happiness to random strangers on Spread the love. Quoted with permission.

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