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Sweater Babies!

jgurlpunkrck loves her professor. Maybe too much.

As one of the many means I employ to freak out my roommate, as well as the other kids on this trip, I talk about how I'm going to marry my history professor all the time, discussing how we will raise our children (which I call "Sweater Babies" due to his wardrobe which seems to consist solely of a variety of jumpers) on a farm and name them after historical figures.

The other day during class, after we had finished our midterm and were starting to learn about the War of the Roses, I decided to draw a picture of one of our "Sweater Babies." I then put it on the back of my notebook and tried to discreetly show it to my roommate who was sitting across the classroom from me by catching her eye and holding my notebook up so she could see it.

What I failed to realize is that normal human beings are neither blind nor stupid. That, coupled with the fact that I was seated right next to the professor, meant that he pretty much figured out what I was doing. At which point I screamed. Literally.

Nervous laughter ensued, during which point I explained to him that I had drawn a picture. "Well, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with me," he said.

More nervous laughter. "No, well, um, it's a Sweater Baby, and..."

At which point the whole class burst out laughing, which continued to the point that my professor started to look sort of uncomfortable and I made a decision to no longer draw pictures of our hypothetical children.

Our marriage is not getting off to a good start.
From a locked post, but that's the whole entry. QWP

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