Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in metaquotes,
Total fuckup with great taste in music


arifirh is not having a good morning:

I don't get along with mornings particularly well at the best of times (especially pre-tea). I can usually cope with the cars, sunlight, lorries, occasional aeroplanes, but not the loudest, chirpiest, most obnoxiously bloody happy bird in the entire world singing its heart out outside my window at just before six in the morning.

Birdsong's lovely most of the time, and nice to wake up to. This, however, was not a bird. This was a four inch tall demented Luciano Pavarotti on helium with with short term memory difficulties, repeating two lines from Refrains In C# Too Irritating To Be Used As Ringtones by the lesser known Dutch composer Hans Twit.

It knew what it was doing, too. Oh yes. After ten minutes waiting to see if it'd give up, I went up to the window - and it stopped, for about thirty seconds. Back to bed - it started again. I opened the window, and it flew away. Peace... I went back to bed.

Parrottini had flown all of five metres away and continued singing with redoubled chirrupiness, this time with full dawn chorus backing. He went away just after I decided to admit I was awake and get up.

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