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Pirates of the Caribbean with your mother-in-law...gahhhh...

From the ever metaquotable resmiranda in this post, where she is trying to make it through PotC with her prudish mother-in-law:

MiL: I think porn is sort of... detrimental to society, don't you?
Me: Porn makes my pink parts tingle.
MiL: No, but don't you think, you know, that porn undermines a traditional relationship, the one that's just a man and a woman...
Me: Mmm, gay porn is cool, too.
MiL: ...without all those other people, around, filming...
Me: I wonder if I should tell her that I know someone in a foursome relationship...
MiL: Plus, it's detrimental to children. I really resent that we have to tell our children to not talk to strangers!
Me: If we stuck with that tenet throughout our lives, we'd all be a lot happier.
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