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Kitty did a bad bad thing...

mom_almighty's cat has been at it again. It's bad enough that he peed on Bang the monkey's head. Now he's after a new target..Buzz Lightyear!

Last night, Masa and I came upstairs to get ready for bed around 10pm, and found our cat engaged in what appeared to be post-coital bliss with none other than Buzz Lightyear. I guess somebody put away a few too many at the Star Command office holiday party. From their facial expressions, he seemed pretty pleased with himself to have bagged such a hottie. She, on the other hand, woke up, looked at him with wide unblinking eyes, and then high-tailed it away from the scene. This morning, I managed to catch her mid-bath and attempt to have "the talk" with her (not something I expected to have to do after the Great Spay Of 1999) - I figure as Mommy, it falls to me to warn her about the perils of the party lifestyle, and teach her to be wary of strangers in uniform bearing bad pick-up lines. I mean, "This is an intergalactic emergency!" - that is TEH lame. I don't know that she absorbed much of our chat, though. Well, at least she's no longer trying to deflower my brown fuzzy sweater.
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