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Deadshot at play
amandeo wrote in metaquotes
indigoskynet had this to say about the Ultraviolet flop:

So naturally when the Child-Shaped Plot Device shows up [at which point I feel pity because they were going for 'oh look, he's a sweetiepathetic doe-eyed mystery baby' and they did not even come close with Cameron Bridge] her aggrieved and thwarted maternal instincts combine with her hemophagic virus to make her the unstoppable estrogen driven inhuman Uterus of Justice with guns and swords and pithy-ass dialogue.

It's totally worth it just to read the entire post here.

QWP, yes?

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This movie made me sad.

Except for Buffy and River, there are no badass females who kick ass who aren't imbued with the Divine Power of the Uterus.


Aliens: Going all the way back to Ripley -- she became all badass because Newt was her surrogate daughter for the one who'd grown old and died while she slept.

Terminator: Sarah Connor went from all wimpy "I can't even balance my checkbook, how can I be the mother of the future" to being supermom, commando asskicker to protect her son John so he could grow up to save the world.

Kill Bill: The Bride wakes up, realizes she's no longer pregnant, and cuts a bloody swath of revenge all over the country. She gets her baby back and settles down all cozyhappy.

Ultraviolet: Violet's life went like this:
Violet: Oh, baby, I'm pregnant!
Violet's Husband: Oh, wow, honey, that's --
Invaders: Bang Bang!
Violet's Husband: Fuck, I'm dead.
Violet: Damn, I'm infected.
[4 years later]
Violet: Oh, look, child shaped plot device who is a surrogate for the baby I never had.

I think we need a movie with a badass female who kicks ass without it being her uterus. Because even Movie!Buffy's asskickness came from PMS.

These are supposed to be female empowering, but really all they are is more propaganda of "motherhood rocks!"

(meekly)What about Eowyn? I mean, it seemed like the majority of her ass-kickingness came from NOT wanting to be confined to traditional female roles. Also, because the Rohirrim are apparently totally cool about women wanting to learn how to fight. Also, they have horses.

The Rohirrim just kinda rock all around, really.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I prescribe one dosage of Aeon Flux the movie, followed by weekly injections of the original animation. Because she only goes all 'MOTHERHOOD!EMPOWERING' once in each.

And it's not even motherhood really. It's 'reborn clone sister-baby' and 'adopt a cave-dwelling little mutant boy day'.

In the second one she goes from ass-kicking in a g-string and heavy breast-plate leather to soccer mum. It's really quite amusing.

These are supposed to be female empowering, but really all they are is more propaganda of "motherhood rocks!"


It would be nice if there were more female characters who motivation didn't revolve around their reproductive capablities.

(Deleted comment)
Mmkay, for one, I refer you to Underworld.

For another...well, call me Ignorant Male (TM), but it's a cultural archetype, the whole "Don't mess with mama bear's cub" meme (for lack of a better term). It's immediately understood, no additional motivation or backstory necessary.

Besides which, mothers are superheroes. They create life. That right there is pretty badass already, when you think about it. It's a small step from there to action hero when the motivation is protecting their offspring, be it biological or adoptive. At least in my mind.

So maybe I'm making your point for you, that the writers you specify do it because it's easy, but...okay, no "but" here, maybe you're just right. I still think that, even if it is a crutch, it's a useful one, because who doesn't enjoy watching a woman kicking butt, regardless of the motivation?

*ponders* Lara Croft? I never watched or played Tomb Raider, but would she count? And, erm...Trinity. In the first Matrix movie, because the sequels don't exist. And once again with a movie I didn't watch- Kate Beckinsale's character from Underworld? Oh, I have one- Mystique from X-Men. :) Not exactly a heroine, but what the hey. None of the women in that movie are motivated by Uterus Power.

I'm going to hug my fandom now. *points to icon* Where the heroine not only gets tough for reasons that have nothing to do with motherhood, but when a baby does come along it screws up everything.


Every time I see the title I get confused, because Ultraviolet was a very, very good TV show a few years ago with Jack Davenport and Philip Quast and vampires. So I think i shall stay confused.

Yes, I get confused, too. And then I get disturbed as I imagine Jack Davenport in Milla Jovovich's outfit. O_o

I'm not sure this movie had any relation to the TV show.

I know there's been a few. Made comes to mind immediately.

That being said, I do concede your point on the lack of effort and imagination, but I just don't think it's as criminal as you think. These scripts, as a rule, don't have depth of imagination: for the men, they seem to be limited to "Give me back my wife/girlfriend/daughter/partner/good name/dog!" Or "Queen and country." Or "BAD MAN! BANG BANG BANG!"

Hrm. Yeah, okay, I do see your point, that is rather annoying. I would submit that the crime isn't against just women characters, it's against all their characters.

"Give me back my wife/girlfriend/daughter/partner/good name/dog!" Or "Queen and country." Or "BAD MAN! BANG BANG BANG!""

What other motivations are there? You've covered protection, reclamation, and duty.

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